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Poly-Coated Heat-Seal Banding Rolls

ColorKraft Roll Products manufactures a complete line of Poly-Coated Heat-Seal Banding Rolls for nearly all automatic heat seal banding machines in use today. Popular brands include Akebono, ATS, Beta, Felins, MBO (Palamides) and more.

Popular Widths    
Popular Lengths
500', 1500', 1525', 1580', 2620'

Paper Types
Bleached White Kraft
Natural Brown Kraft
40# and 50# base paper
ColorKraft Roll Products polyethylene heat-seal coatings are designed to seal quickly at low temperatures and shorten dwell times to help promote long life of the thermal sealing elements. All rolls are produced to exact manufacturing specifications for trouble free performance in any environment.

Custom printing in up to two colors is available for all products. Striped rolls with Black, Green, Red, Blue, and Orange stripes are available 29.5mm and 48mm widths.